Problems on Trains Quiz

Problems on Trains Quiz

Question 1: A train traveling at 80 km/h crosses a platform in 48 seconds. The length of the train is 200 meters. What is the length of the platform?

a) 250 meters

b) 300 meters

c) 350 meters

d) 400 meters

Answer: b) 300 meters

Question 2: Two trains, 150 meters and 200 meters long, are running in opposite directions with speeds of 72 km/h and 54 km/h respectively. In how many seconds will they cross each other?

a) 6 seconds

b) 7 seconds

c) 8 seconds

d) 9 seconds

Answer: c) 8 seconds

Question 3: A train takes 20 seconds to pass a man standing on the platform. The length of the train is 150 meters. If the speed of the train is 36 km/h, what is the speed of the man in km/h?

a) 5 km/h

b) 6 km/h

c) 7 km/h

d) 8 km/h

Answer: a) 5 km/h

Question 4: A train takes 18 seconds to pass a platform of length 120 meters. The length of the train is 90 meters. What is the speed of the train in m/s?

a) 25 m/s

b) 30 m/s

c) 35 m/s

d) 40 m/s

Answer: b) 30 m/s

Question 5: A train, 160 meters long, is running at a speed of 72 km/h. How long will it take to cross a bridge of 100 meters in length?

a) 12 seconds

b) 14 seconds

c) 16 seconds

d) 18 seconds

Answer: a) 12 seconds

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