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Job Description:

  • Sustainable Development “SD” for Generations aims at embedding SD into our culture & DNA and enhance (BI) Boehringer Ingelheim’s ability to generate a long-term economic & social value for BI.Access to Healthcare “ATH” is one key impact area of the More Health Pillar of SD. ATH Initiatives will help in providing access to healthcare, address unmet needs in non-communicable diseases. The ATH Manager is responsible for implementing the defined initiatives in Ghana. ATH Manager is responsible for realizing predefined KPIs of the initiatives while reporting on monthly basis the achievements and performance against budget and report on variances to the management.He/She will be the sole point of contact for project implementation in Ghana, manage implementation and deploy resources to channels of implementation in the country. He/She manages interactions to different stakeholders in the country as for example, the vendors, private and governmental healthcare sectors. Tasks & Responsibilities

    • Work with the vendor to conduct continuous analysis of patients’ ability to pay for anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic portfolio.
    • Implementation of a conceptual and strategic collaboration model related to the ATH Initiatives and ensuring full compliance with internal and external regulations.
    • Development, validation and implementation of Kenya partnership and collaboration engagement model for ATH, including value propositioning, partnership model considerations, as well as look for synergies between ATH and Making More Health “MMH” Initiative.
    • Regularly engage with the vendor to follow up on implementation of the defined activities, validate and recommend changes to enhance the overall initiative outcomes.
    • In alignment with ROPU IMETA (Regional Operating Unit, India-Middle East-Africa) and global More Health Team and SD Leads deliver Activation of IMETA ATH Initiatives and SD programs, support community engagements and training activities.


    • Experience in Market Access field in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Ghana
    • Demonstrated experience in managing external collaborations, partnerships, agile practices and Intrapreneurial initiatives.
    • Good knowledge of the diverse pharma business areas.
    • System thinking with deep understanding of the interdependence of economic/social/ environmental implications & interests within BI organization, human/animal health players, and multiple stakeholders, countries, cultures and ecosystems.
    • Proven experience in designing strategies, understanding the global picture and thinking of creative solutions to make strategies actionable.
    • A true passion and strong convictions for Community engagement and SD topics.
    • Min. one advanced degree, combination of two advanced degrees in (1) business and (2) a relevant scientific/technical field is an advantage: Master’s degree in a relevant scientific/medical discipline (or equivalent. Or Master in Business Administration Or Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Sustainable Development/CSR.
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